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Snow Play

On Sunday, over four inches of snow fell in Wichita Falls.  Colby Frost and his daughter Chays, decided to take advantage of the winter weather.  The two could be seen sledding down the side of a overpass in southern Wichita Falls.

"It's fun out here, and its snowy; I love snow.  I keep on falling off the sled, its pretty fun.  I get snow all over my face, get snow all over me and everything," said Chays Frost.

Colby Frost said he took the day off to spend time playing in the powder with his daughter during her school day.

"I work a lot, I'm on call a lot, so we don't get to do as much as we want to.  We get a day where were both off were going to have fun," said Colby Frost, "Were sledding down these hills right here having a good time, she's my everything."

Colby Frost said he spent just over $20 on sleds for the both of them.  Even though one of the sleds broke, Colby Frost said the time he spends with his daughter is priceless.

Newschannel 6 asked Chays what the best part about this snow day was.

She responded, "Spending time with my dad and sledding with him."

Jack Carney Newschannel 6

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