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Snowfall Measurements Help

When a snow storm is crashing down on Texoma, meteorologists are doing everything they can to keep you safe.  However, there is a way you can help them out.  You can measure your areas snowfall.

Measuring snowfall is quite easy, and you really only need a piece of plywood and a ruler or yard stick.  You should place the plywood on the ground where it is flat.  Once you have placed your board down you just have to wait for it to snow.

"Take three or four measurements around that area and average them," said Daryl Williams a Hydrometeorological Technician for the National Weather Service in Norman, OK.

Averaging multiple measurements is always better than just taking one.  It will give you a more accurate representation of your area.

"When we get snowfall measurements, we really like to have somebody stick a ruler into the ground instead of say hey my picnic table had a foot," said Williams.

Measuring snowfall on tables, railings or cars will be inaccurate. You also want to watch out for snow drifts.

Even though meteorologists use a very hi-tech radar to analyze the weather, it still has a lot of flaws.

"People tend to think the new radar technology can take measurements of just about any parameter when it comes to weather and that's just not the case when it comes to snow depth," said Williams.

The next time a winter storm strikes Texoma post your snowfall totals on our Facebook page.

James Parish, Newschannel 6

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