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More Snow, Fewer Wrecks

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On Sunday many Texomans decided to stay indoors and watch the Super Bowl instead of taking on the icy roads.

The weather for the Super Bowl XXXVIII was a concern but the event managed to go on without any snowfall during the game. However, North Texas received several inches of snow on game day. 

Newschannel 6 reached out to law enforcement and Texoma drivers to see what affects the weather had on Super Bowl Sunday travel.

"I just kind of stayed in. I was going to go out and watch the game at Buffalo Wild Wings, but it was cold," said Derrick Sanperdo, a Texoma resident.
"The Super Bowl was on and my team won. Yayyy! Seahawks," said Cynthia Jackson. "No. We didn't do any traveling."

Many chose to stay indoors making highways a lot safer to travel across Texoma.

"We had about 13 accidents, a big drop," said Sgt. John Spragins, Wichita Falls Police Department. "I know in the first storm we we're over that. Maybe 10 times more accidents."

The Texas Department of Public Safety said, they responded to about 56 accidents in five counties. 

"It's kind of a partnership between the city, the county and the state kind of all working together," said Sgt. Spragins. 

Sgt. Spragins said it was a team effort to make sure drivers that were on the roadways would be safe. 

"We did see one accident. I think a guy across one of the bridges was pretty icy. I think he slid. There were cop cars. For the most part there wasn't too many cars on the road," said Peyton Jeppesen, a Texoma driver. 

Unfortunately, you cannot always prevent accidents from happening. 

"Every time we have a major event we're going to learn from it," said Sgt.Spragins.  

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6