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One Ring Scam

A new scam involves your phone and scammers potentially taking money out of your pocket. 

“Your phone rings one time before you have the chance to answer it, then the call is disconnected. People are prompted to call back because they fell like they’ve missed a phone call," said President and C.E.O. of the Better Business Bureau of North Central Texas, Monica Horton

It's called the "One Ring Scam" and you won't believe how scammers are getting your money.  

“The con artists are setting up caller paid toll services. It’s a phone line that authorizes them to put third party charges on your phone bill," said Horton.

The area code showing up on a number of people's phones are from places in the Caribbean. The number you call back is also out of the country and these third party charges coming out of your pocket unknowingly, are ridiculous.

"Once you initiate the phone call you get a charge for $19.95 and then $9 per minute thereafter," said Horton.

Actually, the practice of these types of charges showing up on your cell phone bill is called cramming, which is nothing new.

“There has always been third party cram charges on your phone bill, so consumers need to be really careful and screen their bills monthly,” said Horton.

You can call your phone provider to put restrictions on third party charges. Also, if you don’t recognize the number calling you, do not respond. If someone wants to get in contact with you, hopefully they will leave a voicemail.

The Better Business Bureau has been looking into this "One Ring Scam" since the beginning of 2014. Although there haven’t been any reported victims in Texoma yet, you must remember to check your phone bill for any unauthorized charges.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6  
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