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CFAT Approves Plans

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The Community Facilities Action Team has finalized what plans they will be presenting to the WFISD Board of Trustees next week.

Over the past week, members of CFAT asked the public what they thought of their original two plans, D and D-1.  They discovered the price tag was too high to get the support of the community.

Kenny Maroney, Chairman of CFAT said, "So we pretty much backed up and went with some lower cost."

On Tuesday night, they spent about three hours going over all of the plans and making modifications before making their final decision.  Maroney said they will be presenting concept A, concept B, and concept D-1.

Right now the city of Wichita Falls has three high schools.  Concept A involves the city having two high schools with one of them being new.  Concept B keeps three highs schools in the city, but has one of them being new.  The final plan, concept D-1, knocks the city down to two new high schools.  Maroney said all of the plans include junior high renovations, which includes making space for 6th graders.  It also includes stadium improvements, which includes paving the parking lots, making upgrades to the locker rooms, and making the stadium ADA accessible.  The plans also include safety and security upgrades to all schools.

However, just because the CFAT members agreed to the three concepts doesn't mean the board will approve of any of them.

"Well I think the situation is that the board may take these three plans and come up with a hybrid from that," Maroney said.

All of the CFAT members know this is a possibility, but they wanted to make sure they were presenting plans that would have the best shot at community support.

Maroney explained, "Certainly the community, I think, will be somewhat more supportive of a smaller issue."

However they will have to convince the public on the plan the board comes up with or chooses.  Maroney said CFAT members might be called to help promote and sell the plan.  He also said there will be a marketing committee that will be put together.

Before presenting the concepts they decided on, Maroney said they will have to make final touches to the plans.  They modified the original concept A and concept B, so they will have to crunch the numbers to be more accurate.

The Board of Trustees will be presented with the concepts on February 11th.  We will be at that meeting so stay with Newschannel 6 for updates.

Alexandra McClung, Newschannel 6