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Veteran Discrimination

Texoma is known for treating veterans with respect and a positive attitude. Some veterans however, feel they are experiencing veteran discrimination.

This form of discrimination isn’t coming from anti-war groups, to some it’s coming from those who assist veterans.  

“These agencies in Wichita falls, Seymour, Iowa Park and Vernon are there to help their people, the veterans. People in our community are very generous to veterans in the local area,” said Veteran Services Counselor, Marcia Ross.

One Vietnam veteran in Texoma says he has definitely been discriminated against by Veterans’ Affairs.

“Veterans’ Affairs discriminates against veterans and it’s unbelievable,” said Vietnam Veteran, Peter Zimbelman.

When I asked Korean War veteran, Eugene Goettman, if he had ever been discriminated he replied, no.

According to Ross, a veteran will receive their benefits in the order in which they filed.

Veterans are helped out in so many ways in the United States, and here in Texoma the Veterans Service Office the Veterans Service Office is 100% behind supporting all veterans.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6 
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