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Cleaning Dusters: A High That Could Be Deadly

People are using office and household products like "cleaning duster" to get high.

"They're inhaling it. They can either inhale it through their mouth or their nose and it basically gives them an extreme quick high," said Dr. Daunne Peters, a pediatrician at The Clinics of North Texas.

She said while this method of getting high may be new to Texoma, it is not a new trend. 

"It's really came to play within the last three years. We started hearing about it, the most popular or well known is the dust off or dust away," said Dr. Peters. 

Cleaning dusters are suppose to be used to remove dust and debris from computer, audio, video and other office equipment.  Users also use air fresheners, nail polish, polish remover and super glue as well. 

Lina Jones, a Texoma resident said abusers are always trying to find the next level high.

"A lot of time they're going for that high. They're not thinking of the consequences," said Dr. Peters. 

However, there are some instances the first attempt to get high can be deadly.

"It's not something we're seeing a lot of overdoses off but sudden death and it can be your first time use," said Dr. Peters.  

In response to the current trend one Texoman said the best defense is education.

"We need to talk to our children, keep an eye on our kids but also educate, educate as much as we can. Let them see the consequences of using some of these products," said Jones. 

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6 

Names to look out for:

Like any drug, there are likely multiple names. In this case we found a list of slang terms used for these types of inhalants.
Here are some of the popular names parents should listen for: bagging, chroming, hippie crack, poor man's pot, and satan's secret.

Different slang terms:

Parents also need to listen for two other terms for inhalants because these contain Isobutol Nitrite.
The two slang terms are: aroma of men and quicksilver.
Isobutol Nitrite is also used as part of the antidote package for cyanide poisoning.

Signs to look out for: has tips to watch for to see if your child is practicing this dangerous behavior.
     Look for hidden chemical-soaked rags or clothes.
     Check for red eyes and runny noses.
     Notice if your child has a loss of appetite of experiences nausea.
     Look out for paint or chemical stains on their face or fingers.

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