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Winter Weather Causes Natural Gas to Be High In Demand

The recent winter weather has caused natural gas usage in Texoma to break record numbers. Many people are paying the price on their gas and electric bills to stay warm.

"Last month I paid around $151. It was double my usual bill," said one Wichita Falls resident.

"About $300… I would say it was double the typical amount," said another.

Natural gas is the leading fuel to keep people warm, run industrial factories and generate electricity. 7 of the 10 highest natural gas consumption days were from this past January.

"It's very rare. The consumption of natural gas increased 18.9% last month," said Texas Alliance of Energy Producers President Alex Mills.

Prices have also gone up from $3 per million British Thermal Units (MBTU) due to increased demand.

"Just last week it went over $4 per MBTU for the first time in several years," said Mills.

But Mills said Texomans don't need to worry.

"I don't think that's any reason for alarm. It's still a pretty good buy although the spike has increased the price of natural gas," he said.

Natural gas is a clean burning fossil fuel and has high energy content. Numbers revealed that 40% of electricity in Texas is generated by natural gas. The trend of using it has steadily increased for the past few years.

So as people try to stay warm, Mills had one piece of advice.

"Safety is a big concern, so we encourage people to use caution," he said.

Cynthia Kobayashi, Newschannel Six.

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