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Jacksboro Gas Off

Residents and businesses in Jacksboro spent Thursday trying to find ways to stay warm.

Over 1200 Texas Gas Service customers were out of gas when the provider cut off its gas line because of condensation in the pipeline.

"We just hope people stay safe and be smart during the process," said Mike Smith, City Manager of the City of Jacksboro.

Smith said the event happened early Thursday morning prior to residents reporting to work and school.

"It was early this morning probably 4:30 am, 5 o'clock, Texas Gas Company started noticing that some of there customers we're going off line," said Smith.

Sarah Turner, a resident of Jacksboro said she felt the impact immediately.

"I was cooking my gravy and the fire went out and then I noticed it was pretty cold in the house," said Turner.

The frigid temperatures, possibly the lowest the area has seen this year forced city officials to act fast. It opened up three emergency shelters. American Red Cross of Wichita Falls was also present to assist residents. 

"If they need a place to stay temporarily, we'll have food, shelter and warm place for them to come and be able to stay here until things get fixed," said Duke Osborn, American Red Cross of Wichita Falls.

Residents said they were grateful to have a warm place to stay.

"Well I ran out of gas and I came over here to stay warm," said Turner.

Unfortunately, the timeline to get the gas back on to customers is still in the air. 

"It could be potentially Saturday before everything is back up and running, but there being a little cautious about the timeline," said Smith.

The following emergency shelters are open: 

  •  Jack County Fair Barn
  • Twin Lakes Activity Center (Main shelter)

Both located at 1114 St Hwy 59
  • First National Bank Scarbrough Center 

Located at 203 S. Main Street

If you need transportation to any of these shelters, please call Sharp Van Lines  at 1-800-633-0852. All rides are free of charge. 

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6
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