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More School for Kids because of Snow?

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Texoma was hit hard by winter weather this season, and it has caused many schools to cancel classes.  Each independent school district has a limited number of snow days.

Vernon Independent School District has already used up their two planned snow days for this school year.  Vernon I.S.D. Superintendent Tom Woody said, students will now have to go to school on April 30 and May 30 to make up for those missed days, instead of having the day off.

At this point in February, there is still a chance Texoma could see one or two more winter storms. 

"If we end up missing three, four or five days, then we will have to apply for a waiver to the Texas Education Agency.  If that waiver is granted, then you would not have to make up those days," said Woody.

Even though the school board would not have to worry about the lost classroom time, they would have a different problem on their hands.

"One additional step that the school board would have to consider is what are they going to do with the teachers.  They would not be working the number of days they are contracted for," said Woody.

The decision would be completely up to the school board.  They would either have the teachers come in for an in-service day, or just pay them for that lost time.

If the wavier is denied, then they are going to be forced to make up the lost time.  However, that make up time would not be coming out of spring break. 

"No, I would not look into the spring break because at this point in time a lot of people already have plans," said Woody.

In the end, Vernon I.S.D. would most likely extend the school year if they have to make up the lost school days. 

James Parish, Newschannel 6