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Jacksboro Gas Update

Over 1,200 Texas Gas Service customers in Jacksboro are still unable to heat their homes with gas.  Jacksboro City Manager Mike Smith said, those customers make up a majority of the city.  He said that it was unfortunate that this happened during one of the coldest days of the year.

"We've been trying to reach out to as many people as possible and make sure they got some source of heat," said Smith. "They can go up to someone else's house or they can come out to one of the shelters and stay warm."

Smith said he worries too many people are trying to tough it out and not utilize the warming centers.  Mark Triplet and other members of Red Cross were working at the warming center at 1114 State Highway 59.  They were preparing it for people who might need them.

"We're providing food, beverages, hot water, and a place for them to spend the night.  That's the least we can do to provide some warmth for them," said Triplett.

Jacksboro is getting help from Jack County and even outside areas like Wichita Falls.  Jon Reese of the Wichita Falls Incident Management Team is one of the outside helpers, assisting Jacksboro with planning and logistics.  

"The biggest safety factor we're dealing with right now is make-shift heaters.  Luckily, there has been no calls for fires or anything like that," he said.

At 1:00p.m. Friday, Reese, Jacksboro Firemen, Jacksboro Police, Wichita County Sheriffs Department and multiple volunteers gathered at the Jacksboro Fire Department to help make the rounds in town.  They broke up into teams going door to door.

"Hopefully we can get as many people into the shelters that need it or maybe find some way to get help for the heat, especially the elderly.  The elderly is our main concern," said Bertha Martin, one of the volunteers doing welfare checks.

The two shelters are located at the following addresses:

Those who need a lift to either one of the warming sites can call Sharp Van Lines at 1-800-633-0852.

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6.

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