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Texoma Winter Shopping Frenzy

Frigid weather conditions in North Texas has many Texomans in a winter shopping frenzy.

On Friday Lowe's Home Improvement Store was busy with customers looking for winter items to keep warm. 

"You just can't predict mother nature. You don't know what to expect," said Mike Sharp, Pro Services Manager at Lowe's. 

Last week Puxatawny Phil saw his shadow, a indication for some that there will be six more weeks of winter. However, that was not enough to convince some Texomans to prepare for more winter weather.

"The only thing I have for winter is a shovel. Wichita Falls weather is unexpected. It's not like we get snow all the time," said Illiot Lugo, a Texoma shopper.

However, the recent weather caught many Texomans attention. 

"Since the weather is going to get colder, I want to be burning wood close to chimney have a family thing tonight," said Illiot.

"It's been a brutal winter so I just want to make sure I got enough stuff to keep my house warm," said James Hicks, a Texoma shopper.

Other shoppers were purchasing items because of the lack of winter items. 

"I'm here to purchase a space heater because my pipes burst," said Brandi Hall, a Texoma shopper. "As far as the pipes busted that was unexpected, but somewhat expected. Just didn't have enough heaters to cover them." 

Lowe's management said it has been difficult to keep up with winter weather demand.

"We've been running out of supplies but we keep getting them back in. They're ordered but we just can't predict the weather. So we try and do our best," said Sharp.

All over Texoma space heaters were sold out and propone tanks have been a hot seller. Residents doing whatever they can to stay warm.

"Everybody doesn't always understand that winter is going to be here for a while," said Sharp.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6

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