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Jacksboro Customers and Gas Crews Need to Meet

The gas is back on for several residents in Jacksboro but many are still without. The gas line that was shut down last Thursday is now repaired. But, now crews are working to get the gas back on for those who still do not have gas in their lines. The problem is that crews and residents need to get together so that lines can be turned back on.

Crews cannot turn the gas back on to a home or business unless someone is at that residence or business. If an appliance or pilot light is on when the gas is turned back on it could eventually explode.

Sunday cards were left at homes and businesses that still do not have their gas on. Those cards have a phone number on them to get the customers and gas workers together to get the gas back on.

Officials told Newschannel 6 on Sunday their goal is to have all the gas back on by Monday.

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