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Slow Warm Up

Some Jacksboro residents entered their fifth day without natural gas to heat their homes Monday. It all started last Thursday when Texas Gas shut off service due to contamination of the main line in Jacksboro. According to Jacksboro Fire Chief Jeremy Jennings most of the towns gas service was restored Monday.
"As of this (Monday) morning I think there was about 200 customers left on the residential side and about 60 customers on the commercial side without gas," said Jennings.

The Chief said the department is still responding to calls picking up and dropping off space heaters for those still without gas to heat their homes.

Bill Mullally lives just west of downtown and was one of the lucky in Jacksboro to find his gas service restored Monday morning.

"Finally got turned back on this morning at 8:30 a.m. I was kind of hoping they'd show up yesterday because I had to take a day off of work today," said Mullally.

Though he was unable to heat his home using gas, Mullally was able to use his electric stove and space heaters to keep his home warm. For four days Mullally was unable to normally bath, wash dishes and heat his home. Though it was tough, Mullally said he is used to roughing it.

"I'm an over the road truck driver and you go a few days without it out there too," said Mullally.

Now that his gas service is restored Mullally said he is happy he won't have to rough it at home. It will be at least one more day before all Texas Gas customers who lost service in Jacksboro can say the same.

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