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Black Ice Treatments

Black ice was present on Monday in Texoma causing a number of problems on roadways. 

There was no sign of snow or sleet in North Texas but the conditions of the roads would make you think otherwise.

"Ice is very dangerous especially the type of ice we had last night," said Adele Lewis, TxDot Public Information Officer.

Lewis says TxDOT crews were out early pre-treating roads and bridges, but with the fog and low temperatures roads quickly became frozen with "black ice" making it much more difficult to treat them. 

"Once a slick coat of ice goes down on to our roadways it bonds with that pavement and until we get some sunshine, some warming and it can actually break that bond with pavement we cannot get the ice up," said Lewis.

Lewis says there are a number of methods to treat roadways but once ice develops it's much more difficult. 
"We can do stuff to minimize the risk of going over. We can put down traction materials like deicing stone, sand and even rock salt to help give tires traction, but we can't traction to 66-hundred miles of roadway within the Wichita Falls district," said Lewis. 

TxDot says they can treat black ice with freeze guard, salt brine and traction materials.  

"You can't snow plow ice. we can use a maintainer on thick enough ice to help break it. We can only bring the maintainers in to break that bond and start cracking up ice if it's thick enough and if we have been able to get a layer of water between the pavement and the ice itself," said Lewis. 

Lewis says TxDot crews take all necessary steps to make sure roads are safe to drive but the last defense are drivers. 

"People need to take some responsibility. don't go out if you don't have to and when you do get out on the roadways drive for the even if it is 10 miles per hour," said Lewis.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6 
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