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Primary Preparations

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The Texas Primary elections are less than a month away, and early voting for the primaries begins next week.
On Tuesday, Archer County officials were preparing voting machines for the primary elections since early voting starts on Tuesday, February 18th.  
"You have to make sure that they are clear, you have to make sure that they are tested.  Our process is to make sure that every machine is reset down to zero.  It gets a new battery, all the audio cards are all put in and so that just takes time," said Karren Winter, Archer County Clerk.
Archer County has to make sure voting machines are ready by Friday the 14th, when the voting machines are scheduled to be delivered to the proper polling site.  In last year's constitutional election less than one percent of Archer County voted.  Election administrator Vicki Wright said the county is expecting more numbers for the primaries.
"This is a bigger election and if they are going to have a turnout, this would be a better election to have a turnout," said Wright.
Last year was the first time Texas voters were required to provide proper photo identification in order to cast a ballot.  Those who lack a proper photo I.D. are required to get a election identification card, or EIC, if they wish to vote in the primaries.  Wright said none of the residents in Archer County applied for an EIC for last years’ constitutional election.
"There is not a lot of need for EIC's in Archer County, bigger cities probably more so," said Wright.
Next Tuesday the Texas Department of Public Safety will be present at the Archer County Public Library to help residents apply and obtain an EIC.
For more information regarding EIC's, including eligibility guidelines and necessary documentation, visit the Texas DPS website at
Winter said she is hoping for a much bigger voter turnout in this year primary elections.
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