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School Changes on The Table

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The Community Facilities Action Team, or CFAT, presented three bond proposal recommendations to the Wichita Falls Independent School District Board of Trustees.

It’s been a long road, but they felt they voiced what the community was asking for.  Kerry Maroney, Chairman of CFAT said, the public voiced they wanted change, but they also want something affordable.  This was a major consideration the CFAT committee took when coming up with what they would present to the board of trustees.  It took two long months of long meetings and time away from their families and friends, but they presented Concept A, Concept B, and Concept D-1 with confidence.

Maroney said, “I think we discussed all the way from A to Z , from eliminating schools, to building schools, to renovate.  So I think we were all able to express ourselves and hopefully we were all in it for the right reasons, which was for the kids.”

All of the concepts they presented show change is in the future for WFISD, but how it happens differs from each one.  However, one thing is for sure, the WFISD Board of Trustees has a lot to consider.

President of the Board of Trustees Kevin Goldstein said, “We haven't done a whole lot for a long time, so there's no doubt there’s going to have to be some compromises.”

Now whether that’s on location, size of the school, or even the name, the board of trustees will have to decide what will move Wichita Falls forward.

During CFAT’s research, they heard from the public about how they felt about the idea of any type of consolidation for the high schools.  One of the major issues they discovered was school pride.  Everyone knows about rival schools and the pride that comes with it.  However, one Wichita Falls resident said students will adjust to the change.

Carl Wiersmea said, “I think it would take a little while, but they would merge and things would gel.”

However, he said the consolidation of Old High and Rider would be tough.  Another resident said if they decided to consolidate the high schools they should consider a new name.  It would allow for a fresh start and it wouldn’t be playing any favorites.

The Board of Trustees wants to make sure they make the right decision for the community and for the future of the kids.

Goldstein said, “I think what we heard tonight is that everybody wants us to do it right.  So we know there is a dollar amount the community will be able to stand and afford in a new bond, so we’ll have to come to that notion and then prioritize what’s important.”

On Wednesday the board will start taking all of the proposals and the ideas that CFAT has done and formulate a plan they can present to the community.  Maroney said, they are looking forward to see what the board comes up with for a detailed plan. 

Alexandra McClung, Newschannel 6