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Sense Of Urgency For MSU Students

Midwestern State University dealt with an active shooter threat on Sunday and now the university police department is using the hoax to bring attention to a program they started years ago.

Jen Barrett, a MSU student, is one of many students at MSU who was on edge following Sunday's scare.

"I never really thought is can come to my school or even hit somewhere close to home. It really has me thinking," 

Now safety is on student's minds, but for MSU Chief of Police Dan Williams safety has never been an afterthought. He said his department works day in and day out to ensure safety on campus.

"Our goal is the safety of our students and anything we can do to improve that we're all for it," said Chief Williams.

One of the reasons he said his department implemented an active shooter program years ago. 

"We've been doing active shooters seminars for 3 1/2 years and was being done when I got here," said Chief Williams.

However, when first introduced the seminar only was offered to faculty and staff.

"We had targeted towards faculty and staff just teaching them what they should do should an active shooting occur on campus," Chief Williams.

Chief Williams said when the seminar was offered to students, attendance was very low. 

"We offered a general session at night and another one in the afternoon for students," said Chief Williams. 

In response to lack of student participation, Williams said he reached out to university faculty requesting to come and speak to students during class. So far he has made presentation in over a dozen presentations prior to Sunday's scare. 

He said students may not be confronted with a shooting incident on MSU's campus, but they could still use these skills in other situations.

"They might be at the movie theatre, the mall or anywhere else as we have seen in recent incidents around the country, and we want them to have an understanding and basic knowledge of what their possible options are in these types of situations," said Chief Williams. 

And some students who attended the seminar say it made them feel safer about being on campus.

"I remember him making me feel very safe and I don't think it will ever happen on MSU's campus," said Caitlyn Cooper.

"The campus is small enough and the police are always here," said Angela Freeman.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6
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