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On Board Wichita Falls

Nonprofit Organizations in the Wichita Falls area are facing a serious challenge in the recruitment and retention of volunteers equipped to serve at the board level. On Board Wichita Falls is an eight session program to train and equip candidates who have an interest in serving on a Board of Directors or are currently serving on a Board of Directors for a nonprofit organization. Upon completion the graduate will serve a local nonprofit organization that fits their personal passion and preference. 
Programs are usually on Thursdays and begin at 8:45 a.m. and end at 12:00 p.m . Classes are held at the Wells Fargo Bank Building on Kell Boulevard. 
02/20/14 Session I: Leadership and Your Style 
02/27/14 Session II: Servant Leadership 
03/06/14 Session III: Good Board Leadership I 
03/13/14 Session IV: Good Board Leadership II 
03/27/14 Session V: Nonprofit Showcase *(5pm-7pm) 
04/10/14 Session VI: Board Fundraising 
04/24/14 Session VII: Financial Oversight 
05/01/14 Session VIII: Exec. Dir. & Committee Roles and Graduation Ceremony 
Call the Non-Profit Center at 940-322-4961 or visit www.NonprofitCenterWF.org for more information on how to apply. 
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