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Remembering History

People can learn about history by reading a book or watching a documentary, but the best way to learn about it is from a veteran.

Many survivors of Iwo Jima will be gathering in Wichita Falls from February 13-16 to remember the war and to share their stories.

"I think it's mostly for the younger people rather than the older ones because the older people remember the war,"  said World War II Veteran Lawrence Valentine.

Valentine also said he thinks it is important for him to share his story. He wants everyone to learn about the war and doesn't understand why some people don't know about it. Valentine even shared his story of lighting America up with Newschannel 6.

"When Americans saw the picture of the flag raised on the volcano. I understand it really lifted the American people's spirit," said Valentine.

Not every story was as positive. Veteran L. D. Cox shared his story of survival from the USS Indianapolis.

"It is the greatest sea disaster in American history. We sunk at midnight and went down in 12 minutes... After I got about 50 yards [away from the USS Indianapolis], I turned back and it was headed straight down.The propellers were  still turning and men were still jumping," said Cox.

Both men were extremely emotional when they were telling their stories. You could see it in their face.

World War II ended over 60 years ago. These veterans won't be around forever, and when they are gone their stories will be as well.

James Parish, Newschannel 6


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