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WFISD Work Session Day 2

The Wichita Falls Independent School Districts Board of Trustees are still discussing and debating over bond proposal recommendations.
 Trustees went back and forth on the pro's and con's of a one, two or three high school system. Some trustees like Trey Sralla feel the district should keep all three of it's high schools. Sralla worries that consolidation could cause some students to miss out on extra curricular activities.
 "I'm leaning towards three and here is why," said Sralla,"with more schools you get more opportunities for participation at all levels; and I'm not just talking about football."
 Other trustee members see this bond proposal as an opportunity to change the district for the better.
 "I think the savings we will accomplish from two high schools versus three, that's money that we can reinvest," said trustee Kirk Wolf.
 Other trustees like Bob Peyton and Reginald Blow seemed to agree that this might be the time for district to make the move to two high schools. Blow went through consolidation when he was once a student at Booker T. Washington High School.
 "We survived it, we were able to stop being Booker T. Washington Leopards and become Coyotes, Huskies, and Raiders," said trustee Blow.
 Blow went on to emphasize that the this bond could be a big opportunity to bring this community closer together and make Wichita Falls stronger.
 WFISD Superintendent Dr. John Frossard said that the window of opportunity for newer and fewer two high school system may be closing.
 "I just think its a good time to balance the needs of our students with the burden of our tax payers."
 The school board will continue their work session on building a bond next Monday night.

 Jack Carney Newschannel6

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