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Archer County Investigation Reveals Gun Dangers

Archer County Sheriffs revealed the findings of an investigation involving a body found in Lakeside City in January.

Paul Walker Morath, Jr., 55-years-old was found dead on January 10th at Lakeside City maintenance building where he worked. On Thursday, Archer County Sheriff office declared his death accidental.

Morath's accident occurred because his gun was modified or broken from manufacture standards. 

Newschannel 6 talked to law enforcement about the incident and dangers of modifying your firearm.Chief Deputy Simon Dwyer lead this investigation. 

"It was determined it was an unsafe weapon and that the safety mechanism was not functional," said Dwyer. "The manufacturers that design and test its firearms generally design them in a certain way for a reason."

The report indicated Morath's gun was able to function in-and-out of safety. A function Chief Deputy Dwyer said is very uncommon.  

"Not typical. Most quality weapons have safety features that even if they are struck or dropped they would not discharge like this," said Chief Deputy Dwyer.

However, if you modify it outside of the manufacturers settings you put yourself and others in danger. And Morath is an example of why it is important for gun owners not to modify their guns on their own.

"Have an actual licensed gunsmith do those kind of modifications or ship them to the manufacture and have the manufacture do it," said Chief Deputy Dwyer.

Chief Deputy also said that making sure you are carrying your gun properly can also prevent accidents from happening. 

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6 
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