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Young Valentines

Valentine's Day is suppose to be a day for lovers, but now more than ever children are participating in the holiday. 

Newschannel 6 spoke to V-Day shoppers in Texoma to see what age they thought was appropriate for kids to exchange valentines. 

"Kids when they're young it's a really exciting day," said Alexis Morgan, a Valentine's day shopper. "They thinking about candy and gifts. It's not so much about who you like to me at least that's my opinion. It wasn't for me when I was young."

"I think it's good as long as they know the intent of it and what it actually means to them. there's something behind it and it's not just a gift. there's more to it," said Brandon Cruz, shopping for a gift for his wife. 

When asked what should kids know about love? He said, "Understand that love is actually love and it's not like, I like you. It's actually I love you on a deeper sense," said Cruz.

Some Texomans believe the exchanging of candy, cards, flowers and teddy bears brings emphasis to the holiday to kids. 

"We put so much emphasis on it that's what makes it hard, that's what makes it difficult. You know us as adults put the emphasis on it and that's why kids put the emphasis on it," said Anthony Carter.

Leading kids to experience childhood heartbreak. 

"If i was in school and I didn't get a valentine's day card and I didn't too I would be upset," said Carter.

One reason he said he made sure to buy gifts for both his girlfriend and kids. 

"I got her candy and I also got them candy and a bear so that way they didn't felt left out," said Carter.

Some parents think kids being left could have a negative effect on their self esteem.

"It can be hard because you see all the other girls getting candy, cards and stuff like that from your kids and girls are thinking: Am i not pretty enough?
Am I not popular enough? Going through live it's a struggle for girls,” said Sierra King, a Valentine’s shopper. 

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6 
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