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Cloud Seeding

The city of Wichita Falls its fourth straight year of drought conditions. Tuesday Wichita Falls City Council will vote on weather or not to pursue cloud seeding as a means to bring more rain.

The total cost of the cloud seeding effort is not to exceed $300,000 over a six month period. Sandy Land Underground Water Conservation District and Seeding Operations and Atmospheric Research will help Wichita Falls carry out the cloud seeding operations. A 24/7 standby pilot, meteorologist and an aircraft with seeding apparatus at Kickapoo Airport are all included services.

The Wichita County Water Improvement District #2 was asked to help fund the project. Kyle Miller, General Manager of WCWID2, agrees the project is risky but feels it's is worth it.

"What else have we got to lose in this area? If we lose our water supply were all gonna be leaving and wondering what if we would have done this," said Miller.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration(NOAA) predicts that weather in Texoma could return to normal this year. Lake levels are projected to increase to 40% or 45% with normal rain and cloud seeding can increase rainfall by an average of 10% to 15%. Miller said with conditions projected to return to normal this is the right time in invest in cloud seeding.

"This is just trying to make use of the rain and clouds while they are in our area and available," said Miller.

If approved, the city will be allowed to begin seeding on March 1st through June 30th and again September 1st through October 31st. City officials feel they owe it to water customers to utilize any and all methods that could extend the water supply. The City will also be able to extend the financial agreement for the project to other counties and entities who may help in the funding.

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