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Gubernatorial Candidate Visit

A gubernatorial candidate with close ties to Texoma stopped by Wichita Falls Tuesday.

Attorney General Greg Abbott, who once lived in The Falls, held a rally at the 8th Street Coffee House, which is located in downtown Wichita Falls. 

Wichita Falls was one of two stops the potential Republican nominee made on his campaign tour.  The first was in Denton, Texas. 

Ted Nugent, a rock star and a big conservative, joined Abbott at the events Tuesday.  Nugent voiced his support for the candidate in front of a large crowd of Texoma supporters.  

"Greg Abbott is a great leader and is a we the people representative that will make sure that Texas remains special, and very Texas like," said Nugent.
Abbott started his campaign tour on the first day of early voting, which was on February 18th, for the Texas primaries, and wasted no time encouraging voters to get out and vote early. 

"I can't do this alone.  This takes every single person in this room, every single person across Wichita County, every single person in the great state of Texas.  We need you to go vote if we're going to keep Texas a red state," said Attorney General Abbott. 

In Abbott's speech, his message was clear, to keep Texas a red state.  Some of the things he talked about included protecting citizens second amendment, right to bear arms, sustaining Texas' position as the number one state to create new jobs, improving the quality of education, making higher education more accessible and affordable, continue fighting to appeal the Affordable Care Act, and to enforce Texas Voter I.D. Laws. 
"I prosecuted voter fraud across the state of Texas.  We had dead people casting votes, live people voting twice and foreign nationals registered to vote illegally," said Attorney General Abbott.

Abbott also stood firm on his position to help secure the nation and Texas' border. 

"I will protect our border and keep people like you and others around the state safer," said Attorney General Abbott. 

Newschannel 6 spoke to some Texomans after the gubernatorial candidate's speech to see what issues they felt were important and would like to see addressed if Abbott is elected. 

"[Border control] is a huge problem not only in the state but across the country. The amount of drugs that are coming across the border is huge and we got to do something about it," said Lisa Talley, a Wichita Falls resident. 

Other attendees at the rally, like Howard Allison, a longtime Texoma resident, were more concerned with local issues directly affecting the Texoma community. 

"Our next governor already indicated that he will do whatever he can do to help us make sure that we don't go through our water supply," said Allison. 

Tuesday was Abbott's last time in Texoma before the early primaries, but he has plans to make stops in three other cities in Texas throughout the rest of the week.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6  

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