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R2L Reward

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A cow made a special visit to one Texoma school on Tuesday.

The Chick-fil-A cow visited Jefferson Elementary for a special lunch.  The cow delivered a special treat to students in the Read 2 Learn Program. 

Each month Chick-fil-A delivers lunch to students as they continue to make progress in the program.  The program matches a community mentor with a 2nd Grade to help them read.  It’s a pie program that has recruited over 300 community volunteers.

District Pie Coordinator, January Jones said, “They’re putting in extra work.  They’re reading anywhere from one to three days a week on top of their normal school work with volunteers.”

Jones also said it helps them stay motivated and energized.

Currently 189 2nd graders at eight campuses are in the program.  At the end of the last test period 127 of those students advanced a reading level!