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Employment For The Disabled

A Texoma business is defying odds in a struggling economy by creating new jobs for the disabled.

"They want to feel that sense of independence.  They don't want to sit at home and say, hey I have a disability," said Jennell Willette, Public Information Officer at the Work Services Corporation in Wichita Falls.

Willette said despite the struggling economy their business still manages to put the disabled to work.

 "We have a very high success rate in regards to individuals that are employed by our organization.  They usually find jobs with places that are highly recognized with the community, " said Willette.

 The Work Services Corporation said it has over 20 contracts with local businesses and the federal government.  These contracts allow them to find jobs for the disabled and unemployed.

"We seek employment for them and then we perform vocational evaluations on them and then we place them in various jobs within the community," said Willette.

 Some of the services include:
  • Carpentry 
  • Food services
  •  Postal services
  •  Laundry service
  •  Lawn maintenance 
  • Manufacturing (paper clips) 
The business is looking to expand it's services even more, creating even more opportunities for the disabled.

"Within the next few months we will be adding additional line of service to our existing line of services which includes document conversion and this is a fairly new to the Wichita Falls community, and we are proud that we will be one of the first companies to introduce this," said Willette.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6 
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