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School Changes?

$125 million that is the estimated price tag that the Wichita Falls School Board could place on the districts bond proposal. The new 10th-12th grade high school has the biggest estimated cost of $64 million. Agriculture Project improvements had the smallest estimated cost of $500,000.

Superintendent Doctor John Frossard said that he's talked with a number of different architects and state school board representatives about cost for the bond. Frossard said he has received various dollar figures from different architects and contractors about the project cost. Numbers aside there is only one thing that Dr. Frossard and the WFISD school board are focused on.

"To be able to complete the project we've asked them to complete, but I also don't want to inflate the bond," said Dr. Frossard.

The Career Technical Education and Early College High School has an estimated cost of $24.2 million. Frossard said that number has about a $5 million range gap.

"So there's another wrinkle, what is the program because some are more expensive than others.We've got to go back and refine that number," said Dr. Frossard.

As of now there is no set number to the amount of programs allowed or the number of programs that the district will be able to accommodate inside the purposed CTE/ECHS building.
While school consolidation is possible, Dr. Frossard said job retention is a priority.

"I think the board is committed to protecting all positions. We have a certain amount of turnover ever year so I would suspect that we may be a little over staffed initially, but we can deal with it soon enough through attrition," said Dr. Frossard.

Trustee Reginald Blow summed up the boards feelings when he said.

"We need to continue down the path making the tough decisions that are going to benefit our community in the long run," said Dr. Frossard.

If the $125 million bond is passed the net effect on the tax payer, taking into account the $43 million debt roll off, would look something like this.

Over a 25 year period the tax payer would see a rate of $11.16, and over a 30 year period a rate $10.16.

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