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Second Hand Stress


Stress is a big part of life just like breathing, taxes and even death.  People usually get stressed out when other people say or do something to them, but that's not always the case. 

Many people can be impacted by what psychologists and neuroscientists call "second-hand stress". Second-hand stress can spread from person to person just like the flu.  Experts revealed neurons in your brain can subconsciously pick up tension from another person.  When the neurons pick stress up, they sense something is wrong and ultimately elevate your stress level.

Many Texomans agreed, other people can stress you out.

"It's a domino effect. The stress of one person which can stress out another person," said Jason Brown, a resident of Wichita Falls.

Glenda Toft of Windthorst agreed with Brown. "Yeah, if they are in a bad mood then it is going to rub off. It is not going to put you in a good mood when they treat you badly or bite at you," she said. 

People can elevate second-hand stress by focusing on their breathing and trying to create a very low stress. Second-hand stress can also spread from employers to employees or workers to customers.

It can take less than two minutes for a person to feel the effects of being around a stressed out person. 

James Parish, Newschannel 6


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