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All Dried Up

The drought is continuing to reek havoc in Texoma. More and more trees are dieing from the lack of water. 

"We've been receiving a lot of calls about dead trees in particular," said Jeremiah Jackson, Owner of JJ's Tree Trimming and Falls Turf & Ornamental.

Jackson said business has been really good this winter season, because of the drought. He said, right now 75% of his customers are requesting tree removal services.

"It's been more of a concentration since the drought and all the dead trees popping up," said Jackson.

He said the amount of damaged trees is causing residents and business owners to take necessary safety precautions. 

"With the breakage of limbs hazardous around the power lines and the utility wires and such, a lot of times with the drought and what it's done to the trees in the area is weakened the root system," said Jackson.

Dr. Rebecca Dodge, associate professor of geosciences at Midwestern State University said the loss of trees can have a huge impact on the quality of air. 

"The loss of the trees has a bad impact and affect on the atmosphere," said Dr. Dodge. "The carbon dioxide and nitro dioxide and the things that can be considered air pollutants will actually go into the trees through their leaves."

Dr. Dodge said not only does the lack of trees affect the environment but also how residents keep their homes and businesses cool. 

"In a town that has a lot of trees for example that are shading homes. In the summer time those homes require less air conditioning. So the power plant actually burns less fuel, puts less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Less sulphur dioxide, nitro dioxide those sort of things," said Dr. Dodge.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6 
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