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Allergy Timeline

Many Texomans have already been battling allergies.  Pollen counts are high and they are going to continue to increase as we get closer to summer.

Right now, cedar is peaking and has been causing most of the pollen problems.

"Cedar usually peaks in December, January and February," said Allergist Dr. Mac Fitzsimmons. "We have two major types of cedar: Mountain and Red Cedar.  Both of them will last all the way into April depending on the weather," he said.

Before the cedar dies down, elms and oaks will begin to blossom in March, then pecan trees.

"After oaks and elms, will be the pecan trees, which usually start in early April.  Then once it warms up, we will start to see some grass pollen," said Dr. Fitzsimmons.

Pollen counts will start to decrease when we get into summer.  Dr. Fitzsimmons said the plants don't produce as much pollen in the heat.

"Ragweed peaks late September to early October and then it starts to gradually go down.  It disappears completely after the first heavy frost," said Dr. Fitzsimmons.

If you are struggling with allergy symptoms, Dr. Fitzsimmons recommends to try an over the counter antihistamine.  If that doesn't work than he said to try another one.  If you are still suffering than he said it may be time for a different approach.

James Parish, Newschannel 6
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