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Campaign 2014

It's afive-man race for Wichita County Commissioner, Precinct Two.  There are four Republicans and one loneDemocrat.  Newschannel 6 was able to talkwith all five about why they are seeking the soon to be vacant seat.

PatNorris of Burkburnett has held the title of Wichita County Commissioner,Precinct Two for the last 20 years.  Earlierthis year Norris announced she would not seek another term as countycommissioner.  As Norris steps out,Electra born, now Burkburnett native, Lee Harvey is hoping he can step in.  Harvey has over 30 years of businessexperience with multi-million dollar budgets and payrolls.  Harvey said by applying his businessexperience to the Wichita County Commissioner, Precinct Two seat he would helpget the biggest bang out of Wichita County tax dollars.

"That'swhat I'm good at, looking and seeing where we can save or improve.  I'll take the same amount of money and get abetter product, or take the same amount of product and spend less money,"said Harvey.

Leon CrabtreeJr. is another Burkburnett native hoping to take the Precinct Two seat. He'sworked for the county since 2008 and has been a Road and Bridge Forman inPrecinct One for the last three years. Crabtree said his experience managingbudgets, personnel, and projects can help the county save more money than healready has.

"Wekind of stepped out of our comfort zone, trying different products, strategicplanning and everything.  I was able tocut our budget by twenty five percent or $250,000," said Crabtree.

MickeyFincannon has lived in Wichita County for the last 41 years and served as aWichita County Police officer for the last 21 years.  Fincannon also worked five years as a WichitaCounty Sheriff.  One of the biggestbudget items for Wichita County is the sheriff and jail budget.  

"Ihave a working knowledge of the jail.  Ihave working knowledge of law enforcement. I have been in law enforcement for over 27 years and like I said I havea working knowledge of that jail.  I'd beable to work with the commissioners who are there now in any way shape, or totry and save the county money," said Fincannon.

BillLockwood of Wichita Falls is hoping to bring big business back to WichitaCounty.  Lockwood said by offering bigbusiness tax benefits we can bring big jobs with bigger pay to Wichita Falls.

"Anycompany that comes here, manufacturing company, gun manufacturing, whatever itmay be.   We would give a 10 yearmoratorium on property taxes so if they purchase, or build a facility then theyhave no property taxes for 10 years on that. We would well make up for the lackby the people that are employed by the manufacturer," said Lockwood.

DemocratTom Bursey also has high hopes to bring in more business.  Water issues are something Bursey believes tobe addressed soon.  Bursey said SheppardAir Force Base is his biggest focus and as an air force veteran Bursey saidhe's going to do everything he can to help the local airmen and theircommunity. 

"Iwant to make sure we lose nothing if at all possible.  I would like to have an input to make sure weare able to gain because if we lose Sheppard, or any part of it that's going tohurt the economic position here in the city as well as in the county,"said Bursey. 

 Jack Carney, Newschannel 6

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