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Electra Looking For New City Attorney

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On Monday, the city of Electra removed its city attorney after two years on the job.

"It's been a rocky year," said Dr. Thomas Delizio, Electra City Commissioner. 

Over the past six months, the city of Electra has dealt with controversy after another.  The latest controversy involved city attorney Todd Greenwood.

Greenwood was a part of a video that recently surfaced on Youtube.  In the video the attorney allegedly engaged in inappropriate behavior.  

The attorney addressed residents, commissioners, and the mayor at the meeting about his behavior, reading an apology letter he wrote aloud. 

"In light of the negative publicity the video has generated, I do not anticipate the commissions’ renewal of my contract," said Greenwood.

The mayor of Electra said there is more to the video other than what was depicted in the one that was edited and posted online. 

"I've seen the video.  I've seen it three times.  I've seen the edited version once and I've seen the unedited version twice. There's a big difference," said Curtis Warner, Mayor of Electra.  

However, city commissioners believed what they saw in the video was enough not to renew Greenwood's contract. 

"The city did not come out in a flattering light, based on our people shown in it, are city employees.  It's unfortunate for the city. It wasn't one of our better moments," said Dr. Delizio. 

The commissioners’ decision did not come without opposition.  One Electra resident believes the commissioners decision was not just based on the video, but was based on there own political agenda.

"The city's contract had been tabled about a month and a half before this video came out, and all of a sudden here comes the video the week before they decide they're going to fire him. It's just a coincidence things like this happen to fit their agenda," said Matthew McCalister.

Electra city officials said they will begin searching for a replacement as soon as possible.  Greenwood has been the city's attorney since 2011. 

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6