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Cannonball Discovery

A Burkburnett resident found a dangerous, but unique piece of history on Wednesday.

"I was walking on a flow line out on an oil lease and just kind of tripped on it," said Dwight DeMers.

DeMers said he was at work when he discovered the explosive.

"Basically, dug it up.  I didn't know what it was, but we brought it in and come to find out it was a cannon ball," said DeMers. 

Sgt. Scott Hogue, with the Burkburnett Police Department said he was just walking in to work when DeMers dropped it off at the station.  

"Been doing this for 24-years and this is the first," said Sgt. Hogue. 

Hogue said it's the first time he has come across a piece of history of this magnitude. 

"Kind of neat, kind of neat to see something of that many years ago, that's just out in the middle of the field," said Sgt. Hogue. 

The cannonball that was found dates back to the 1800’s.  It was 6.25-inches in diameter and weighed just about 32 lbs.  However, the most interesting fact was it was still active after sitting for over 150-years. 

"We contacted Fort Sills EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) to come and dispose of it, just like you would do with any other explosive," said Sgt. Hogue.

When the EOD specialists arrived they took a look at the cannonball and decided it was best to detonate it, rather than taking a chance transporting on the highway, and putting others in danger. 

The Burkburnett Police Department contacted a landowner with a large piece of land to dispose it.

"Its kind of been wild, finding out that it could still be alive," said DeMers.

However, DeMers said the remains of the ball, is a piece of history that he will treasure forever.

Experts said after the Civil War cannonballs of this type were in surplus and were used for commercial use, but how one ended in Burkburnett, Texas, is a mystery in itself.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6 

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