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Campaign 2014

Wichita County Clerk, Lori Bohannon will have to beat out two other republicans to keep her seat. Lisa Talley and Caroline Nicholas are hoping they can both become the next Wichita County Clerk. All three candidates believe that more online access and engagement will be necessary to the position in the future.

Lori Bohannon has been the Wichita County Clerk for almost ten years. Bohannon has been working in the county clerks office for over 17 years. Bohannon said she believes that online access to files and forms will make the clerks office run smoother, faster, and provide a better overall experience for citizens.

"With this new system they would be able to fill out their portion of the marriage license, then it goes into a que. They would still have to come in and pay for the actual license itself. At least the filling out the application part would be done," said Bohannon.

Lisa Talley is a native to Wichita county, like Bohannon she too believes that online access to files and forms should be easier. Talley also believes that there should be more access to sample ballots and other information voters might need. She said by becoming a more engaging clerk citizens will feel more involved with their county government.

"They can go on your website also and find a sample ballot, after you put the word out. I just think it's important that the public be informed, I think they deserve to be informed, I think they want to be informed," said Talley.

Caroline Nicholas is also seeking the Wichita County Clerk seat. Nicholas was unable to do an on camera interview. Nicholas has over 20 of experience in county elections, including ten years managing the March Republican primary as the Wichita County Republican party chairman.

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