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Hail Coverage


Hail is not in the forecast, but it could be soon.  Hail can cause a lot of damage especially to cars, so it's important to know whether or not your insurance covers hail damage.

There are two basic types of policies: liability and full or physical damage coverage.  Full or physical damage coverage includes comprehensive and collision damage.

"Comprehensive coverage covers every act of God including tree limbs, sand storms, hail and wind," said Jim Potts the Agency Manager for Farmers Insurance Group.

If you are not sure you have comprehensive insurance or not, you can either call your insurance agent or take a look at your insurance card.

However, you cannot just add comprehensive coverage to your policy.  You are not able to add it when severe weather is in the area, and your car has to meet certain requirements.

"The vehicle has to be of a value or meet the requirements of the insurance company to include or afford comprehensive coverage.  It also has to be in good enough shape cosmetically to get that coverage.  You can't have  prior hail damage or un-repaired damage and get comprehensive coverage," said Potts.

Because of the high threat of severe weather in this area, Potts recommends you to get it. He also said it's pennies on the dollar.

James Parish, Newschannel 6


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