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Campaign 2014 Texas's 13th Congressional District

Congressman Mac Thornberry will have to beat out two other republican candidates in Tuesdays primary election to further solidify his seat as the congressman for Texas's 13th District.

Pam Barlow of Bowie and Elaine Hays of Amarillo are seeking to take his seat.  While all three candidates agree that lowering the national debt and becoming more fiscally are the top priority, they each have their own independent ideas that set them apart.
Pam Barlow currently runs a pet clinic in Bowie, TX.  She labels herself as a candidate fighting to protect the constitution and what it stands for.  Barlow said instead of being frustrated with what she calls "a lack of action," she has decided to be proactive and run for the congressional seat.

"We need to put ourselves back into our constitutional limits at the federal level.  Move everything else back down to the states where it belongs through our 10th amendment.  We will have a slimmer, trimmer and  more efficient government that costs us a whole lot less money.  They'll get the things done that they're supposed to do and they'll get government out of our everyday business where it never belonged in the first place," said Barlow.

Elaine Hays is based out of Amarillo, TX where she runs a financial planning practice with her husband.  Hays believes her background in financial planning would be beneficial to helping lower the nations current $17-trillion worth of debt.  If Hayes had been in office, she said she would have pushed for tougher reforms on those who apply for food stamps by pushing for work requirements and photo identification.  While Hays said she would push for more regulations to those who apply for food subsidies, she wants less regulation and federal oversight by the Environmental Protection Agency.

"It has become what I consider one of the most egregious departments in slowing down our economy and putting regulations on our energy industries.  I'm concerned with their attempt to regulate water on private property.  We have to stand up and fight them back and not allow them to continually overstep their boundaries," Hays said.

Mac Thornberry has represented Texas's 13th Congressional since 1994.  Thornberry said his first job has, and always will be fighting for the interest of his constituents.  Similar to Hays, Thornberry said he believes that damage is being imposed by President Obama and the EPA.

"I'm increasingly concerned that whether it's EPA, or Fish and Wildlife Service or whatever the agency, they are making it harder and harder.  They are certainly making it more expensive to try to do the things that farmers and ranchers need to do. The same is true for the energy industry," said Thornberry.

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