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Campaign 2014: Clay County Election Results

Clay County had three contested races in Tuesday’s primary elections.

The biggest race on the ticket involved two candidates running for Clay County Judge, incumbent Kenneth Liggett and 5th Precinct Commissioner A.J. Peek.

Tuesday night residents re-elected, Liggett for his 5th term. Liggett received 978 votes making 62 percent. Peek fell short only garnering 605 votes making 38 percent.

Newschannel 6 talked with Liggett after the results came in about the race.

“Good race, good election,” said Liggett. When asked about his opponent, he simply said “He’s a good man.”

In the other two contested races, four candidates were vying for County Commissioner seats in Precinct No. 2 and No.4.

Incumbent Johnny Gee defended his seat in Precinct No. 2 County Commissioners’ race against Van D. Blevins. Gee won receiving 970 votes making 76 percent. Blevins fell short with 302 votes and 24 percent.

It was two new political hopefuls running to replace A.J. Peek as County Commissioner, Precinct No.4., Richard Keen and Scott Graham.

There race was a close one, coming down to less than 80 votes. Keen captured 281 votes making 58 percent. Graham with 202 votes making 42 percent.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6 

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