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Campaign 2014: County Commissioner, Precinct 4

For the March primary election, 3 Republicans ran against each other for the Republican nominee position of County Commissioner, Precinct 4.

The candidates were Jeff Watts, Michael Hagy and Steve Scott.

Jeff Watts won the primary election by having 65-percent of the vote.

“We’re excited for the outcome tonight. I think it’s going to be a great opportunity moving forward into November.  We really appreciate all of the support from Wichita Falls, Electra and throughout Iowa Park," said Watts.

Jeff Watts has an interest in Wichita County Commissioner Precinct 4 position because of what it means to him and his family.  Some of the issues Jeff Watts focused on during his campaign were business development and water issues.

“It has been a good race.  I appreciate my opponents and the race they have run.  I think it has been a good clean race and my hat is off to them for a job well done," said Watts.

Now that Jeff Watts is the Republican nominee for County Commissioner, Precinct 4 position, he will run against Democratic nominee, Allen Arnold.

“My next step is to convince the voters that I am the most qualified candidate.  This is not a political position, it’s a qualification position.  I really think with my background over the years, I’ve got the best qualifications for the job," said Arnold.

The general election will be in November.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6
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