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Campaign 2014 Wichita County Commissioner, Precinct 2 Runoff

The Republican primary race for Wichita County Commissioner, Precinct 2 is now a runoff election. The candidate pool has shrunk from four Republican candidates down to two. Lee Harvey and Bill Lockwood are happy they can keep their signs up for two more months, both candidates say that voter turnout is what has them worried.

"When you're going through a runoff election, it's so hard to get folks back to the polls. The city elections are coming up early May 10th, then we're going to ask them to go back to the polls on May 27th. I guess my concern is that folks are not going to turn out. What I'd like to ask is, pay attention, get involved and go vote," said Lee Harvey.

"People are just not participating, at the same time all of them complain that they don't have the government they like. I think it's just a popular thing that people complain about the government and that government is not doing what they like. Yet when it comes time to actually participate, very few turn out and that is a sad situation. I'd say don't complain if you're not going to participate. I'm happy for everybody to participate I wish that they would," said Bill Lockwood.

Water remains the top issue for both candidates. However, they also both agree that the county needs to do more to address the job drought as much as the county's water drought. Both candidates also agree that the county needs to create jobs with real livable working wages.

"If you don't do business development and you don't bring in tax payers to help diversify the burden, the burden is going to wind up on the folks that are left here. So business development is huge and if can bring in manufacturing or any kind of industry that provides jobs, that helps broaden our tax base. I would say that business development is key," said Harvey.

"I have suggested to give a 10 year moratorium for taxes; that is a tax break for 10 years on property taxes for any business. I'm talking about particularly manufacturing business that would wish to come here and set up business and set up shop. We can make up for the loss of revenue on property taxes by the participation of that is going to be engaged by the workers; because they'll hire a number of people. So the engagement of those people and the economics of the area that of course will make up for any kind of revenue from property taxes," Lockwood said.

There are over 16,000 voters in precinct 2. However, in Tuesday's Republican primary election, less than 1,900 voters cast their ballot. That's less than 15 percent. Both candidates urge voters get out and vote, because it is your vote that will count.

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6

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