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Interfaith Increase

Interfaith Ministries has seen a dramatic increase in requests for assistance in recent months due to the winter weather and its effects on many residents’ utility bills.

Interfaith Ministries is a nonprofit agency that has been in Texoma since 1979. The staff at Interfaith Ministries assists families throughout Wichita County and Holliday with needs such as utility bills, medicine and even food from the food pantry.

"When a client comes in, we do an intake process and then we make the payments we make our payments electronically. We never give the clients money or checks, we make the payments electronically so that they can get immediate credit. We then track the payment for the clients," said Director of Services at Interfaith Ministries, Byron Francois.

Interfaith usually sees around 200 individuals and families request assistance each month. Now, because of the weather, Interfaith has about 70 new clients who have never asked for assistance from them in the past.

“Most times it’s the most vulnerable client that needs assistance, the elderly, handicapped and the disabled. It’s these individuals who are on small fixed incomes who can’t pay what their bills or exceed what they’ve budgeted financially.  We try to meet their needs knowing that they don’t have the income to help themselves during this time of crisis," said Director of Service at Interfaith Ministries, Byron Francois.

Due to the increase in clients, the Interfaith Ministries staff has realized how much of a direct effect the economy has on local citizens.

Interfaith Ministries accepts donations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet the high utility bills they are seeing from day to day.

If you want to donate specifically to a utility cost, you can do so by going to their location, 1101 11th Street in Wichita Falls, or their website

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6
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