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Paving The Way For Seymour

Baylor County expected to open a new road in the city of Seymour.

TxDot and Seymour officials held a grand opening ceremony to celebrate a road construction project almost 15-years in the making, the relocating of FM-422.

The road was first constructed years ago to give farmers an easy way to transport their products to market, but over time the road became a busy thoroughfare.

Clyde Whiteside, born and raised in Seymour said he remembers the struggle traveling before the construction of the Farmer-to-Market.  

“There was a gravel road to Wichita Falls,” said Whiteside. “Our cars were slower. Less equipped than we have today when you got to Wichita you’re pretty well tired out.”

Farmer-to-Market roads were first constructed in 1949 to give farmers an easy way to transport their products to market.

Seymour was one of the many cities across the Texas with a FM road.  While the road in Seymour was useful for that purpose in the past, over the years it has become a safety concern for residents.

“This particular facility has very gradual turns in it. The old FM-422 has 90 degree curves. You had to slow down at 20 miles per hour to get around it,” said Larry Tegtmeyer, District Engineer for TxDOT Wichita Falls.

TxDOT officials said they are excited to finally make this happen for this community.

“It’s very nice to be able to provide a facility like this. It’s brand new, it’s very safe, very convenient, and hopefully provide some economic activity for the city as well,” said Tegtmeyer.

“It’s an ongoing thing. Roads deteriorate, they have to be repaired, and it’s a tremendous chore for TxDOT to keep up with all the roads in Texas,” said Whiteside.

TxDOT said crews are working constantly to complete the project. It's expected to be open for traffic within the next two weeks, weather permitting. 

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6  
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