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Texas Unemployment

Texas Unemployment numbers are now the lowest they've been since November 2008. However, according to the Texas Workforce Commission unemployment numbers actually saw an increase in eight Texoma counties. Foard county saw the biggest increase in unemployment rising from 3.9% to 4.7%.

Doctor John Martinez is an Economics Professor at Midwestern State University who believes that the best way to help increase jobs and pay for the metropolitan area is through education investment. Martinez said that other countries have shown that education investment pays off.

"If you look at a country like Japan, they don't have a lot of resources they invested so heavily in their people, their training and their health. They did it by investing in their labor force their education so I think those are the kinds of things we can do," said Martinez.

Last month the Wichita Falls School board made a bond proposal that included an early college career tech school. Martinez said that type of investment will help make the future youth of Texoma more valuable and help curb unemployment. A better educated worker is better paid and a better member of society.

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6

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