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Bowie Couple Found Dead

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A Bowie couple was found dead Sunday afternoon in their apartment. Police say that a family member found the couple William McChesney, 69, and Panzy McChesney, 71, dead on their bed with two gunshot wounds to the head and a shotgun near the bodies.

Bowie Interim Police Chief, Guy Green, said that Bowie police investigating the deaths as a possible murder suicide or double suicide. Green said that Panzy residing in a nursing facility because she was unable to stay in the apartment due to health issues. Bowie police believe that the time the two were spending apart was tough on the couple.

"We received some information that they both had some health issues and she was no longer able to live at home. She had been placed in a nursing facility and that was hard on them to be apart so we believe that played a factor in the reason that this happened," said Green.

Bowie police are awaiting an autopsy report to come back before they any more statements on the death of the couple. Green said that this has been the first murder in Bowie since 1994.

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6