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Nocona Alcohol Referendum

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Residents in Nocona will have an extra item to vote on in the upcoming May election.

Tuesday city commissioners voted all in favor to include a special alcohol referendum on the ballot. The item, if approved, would allow individuals to buy, sell and serve alcohol at bars, restaurants or any establishment with a certified Texas liquor license.

Currently, a very small few of the establishments in Nocona are able to serve alcohol by the beverage.

James Yohe, a resident of Nocona for a decade, said if you're not a member of these organizations, you have to travel to other cities to be served alcohol by the beverage.

"By the drink, we would have to go and to St. Joe, that is 13 miles to the east of us and 23 miles to Bowie," said Yohe.

Yohe said, it’s been over 20 years since the city approved the sale of bulk liquor.

"Back in the 1980's, Nocona voted that they could go ahead and sell alcohol by the can or the bottle, in what they call bulk sales but not by an individual drink," said Yohe.

But now some residents who signed petitions to include in the upcoming election are hoping to change the law, allowing all sales of alcohol to be legal.

"It's not statewide. It's each individual community will vote whether or not they want alcohol or not and at different levels," said Yohe.

Yohe said, if residents vote in favor of the referendum the city will be just be joining the surrounding cities who also have open liquor sales.

"Last year Bowie actually did their first ballot that included not only the bulk sales, but also the individual drink and the year before that saint join one of our nearby communities did the same thing," said Yohe.

Yohe believes the change of times and alcohol sales potentially creating economic opportunities is the reason for the move.

"You need availability fro resources, It's always easier in restaurants if they can balance the low profit areas of food with higher profit are of alcohol. It allows the opportunity for national chains to be available and open coming in," said Yohe.

Residents can vote on this measure on Saturday, May 10th. The polling location will be Nocona city hall. Voting polls will be open from 7a.m. to 7p.m.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6