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Cameron And Electra Part Ways

Cameron International Corporation officially closes its doors.

The plant informed workers and the city of Electra about its exit in January. The company employed over 120 employees. 

Newschannel 6 reached out to one business and resident to see how it has impacted them.

"Anytime we have any type of closure or reduction in workforce, everyone going to feel it and we can already tell we're feeling some of the effects,” said Allen Robb, store manager of Electra Food Market.

The food market is the main supplier of food for residents in the area. It is also the home of Simple Simon’s Pizza and over the year’s this establishment has provided many Cameron employees with a quick meal to eat.

“We got a tremendous amount of lunch business from these guys. A lot of them have short lunches, 20-30 minutes. We sell pizza by the slice, hot sandwiches, and calzones and things of that nature," said Robb.

Robb says it’s not just the business his store will lose, but the relationships created over the years. He said, they knew most workers by name.

"We knew most of them on a first name basis, a lot of the guys have been here quite a while. It's just a small community,” said Robb.

In the small community where everyone knows everyone, one Electra resident gave her thoughts on Cameron closing, “it really hurt Electra, it really did."

Now the town is trying to keep hope alive as Electra and Cameron part ways.

"Electra is very resilient. We'll bounce back. We've been there before. We've been through tough times, just like any other community, but we will survive and will thrive," said Robb.

The majority of workers last day at the plant was on Thursday, but there are some remaining on to finish the complete closure of the plant. They will continue working until April.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6 
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