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Safer Security System

The Wichita County Juvenile Probation Department will spend $47,000 to upgrade is camera security system, and all funds for the new system will be pulled from within the department's budget. Safety and security are the top priority at the Judge Arthur R. Tipps Juvenile Justice Center, according to Chief Juvenile Probation Officer Kirk Wolfe. Today Wolfe addressed the security system problems in front of the Wichita County Commissioners before pulling from the money from within the department.

"That's what our problem was today, is our recording capability has broken," said Wolfe.

According to Wolfe they have been trying to fix the recording system for the last six months. Problems with the recording system range from images freezing up, to sporadic camera changes in the recording system. Juvenile Supervision Officer Brandon Martin said these upgrades could help keep kids and the staff safer.

"A lot of times they would just freeze and lockup, then we would have to restart the entire system and that you know takes time away from actually watching the juveniles then a lot of times the data would just get erased and we would be like oh what happened to all the data," said Martin.

Wolfe worries that should something terrible happen, his department might be unable to pull and provide a proper account of actions that took place within the facility.

"It may show us camera one for a few seconds then all of the sudden it will bounce to camera 100 and we didn't want it to go to camera 100 it's just kind of doing that on its own it really has a mind of its own and so were not able to control the recording it's just bouncing around we have 104 cameras so it bounces from camera one to camera 104," said Wolfe.

The new system will operate on two servers versus the seven digital recorders they currently use. Wolf said they will also be able to block camera units from a specific section of the building onto individual monitors instead of all cameras being divided up onto monitors in no particular order. Excess funding for the security system upgrade, up to $2,500, will be pulled from within the Juvenile Probation Department budget.

To view the security system upgrades as they were presented inside Wichita County Commissioners Court Agenda, click on the link below.

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6

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