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Red Cross Vehicle Donation

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The American Red Cross introduces a new program where people can donate unwanted vehicles. 

“It may be you, it may be your neighbors, it may be your friends, it may be your family,” said Farmer.

Katrina Farmer, Executive Director of the North Central Texas Chapter of the American Red Cross said year round her organization provides disaster relief to those in need.

"We're the only ones that are there in the middle of the night, making sure a family has a place to stay. There's other organizations that take care of people long term, but we're that short-term immediate aid. We're there right after a disaster happens," said Farmer.

The Red Cross says it will continue to provide relief, but said it could use your help.

“We are stretched a little tight this year," said Farmer.

Farmer said its organization is in a deficit because of the of the extended winter and some local funds the organization usually receives were sent to the Phillipines.

With a new vehicle donation program, Farmer said she hopes the community can lend a helping hand.

“It's a vehicle donation program and the way it works is, if you have a vehicle at your house, that you don't want to keep anymore. It doesn't even have to be running,” said Farmer.

Each vehicle donated will then be auctioned off and all proceeds will go to the organizations general fund.

"The Red Cross doesn't keep the car, we never see the car. It's a beautiful program. We just get a check from the organization that auctions the cars off,” said Farmer.

Farmer says the money raised will be used in so many areas.

“We benefit from the cash donation in which we can turn around and we can turn that into blankets, food and clothing for people that have lost their homes to house fires, wild fires, floods, or anything that happens to happen,” said Farmer.

The Red Cross says that funding is key to running its operation.

There might be another Moore, Oklahoma tornado, West Explosion, or another big hurricane in the gulf. We just don't know, but the Red Cross needs to have funds available so that we have can take care of people no matter what happens,” said Farmer.

If you would like to donate your unwanted vehicle, the Red Cross says to call (855) 927-2227 or visit link.

Jimmie Johnson, Newschannel 6