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Accelerated Animal Adoption

Wichita Falls will soon provide animal adoption services for a $50 fee thanks to a new city ordinance passed during Tuesdays city council. According to the Wichita Falls Public Health Department the city has a surplus of animals with no place to go. Lou Kreidler of the Wichita Falls Public Health Department was present at today's city council meeting to help push for passage of the new ordinance.

"Our end goal is to reduce the number of animals we have to euthanize each year. Our euthanasia rate was right at 68 percent, this year the euthanasia rate was 56 percent. This new ordinance is one more tool we can use to be able to get animals into a home," said Kreidler.

The $50 adoption fee will include vaccinations, city animal licensing and micro-chipping of the pet. Kreidler said that there you could end up paying additional charges on top of the $50 fee.

"If you have an animal that is unaltered that's going to be the additional charges. If you have an animal that's already altered, the only additional fee that you'll have is for a rabies vaccine," said Kreidler.

Katrina Mitchell started doing rescue work long before she was getting paid for it. Today Katrina is an Animal Service Administrator who works at the Wichita Falls Animal Service Center.

"We stay pretty full nearly all the time, some months are worse than other months," said Mitchell

The center takes in around 350 to 400 dogs and cats every single month. That has caused overcrowding at the service center.

"The new adoption ordinance is going to help us save lives. Once the animal gets adopted out we can put another animal in its place where before euthanasia was the only option for them," said Mitchell.

Stephanie Eberhart of Wichita Falls is looking to adopt a yorkie terrier she saw through the glass at the service center.

"She's been here for a long time, several days, and nobody has come to claim her. I came to look at her, she's real cute," said Eberhart.

Eberhart and other potential pet owners who would like to adopt through the service center will have to wait 30 more days, April 18th before the new ordinance to allow adoptions can take effect.

Jack Carney, Newschannel 6

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