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Bowie Plans to Update their Drought Contingency Plan

Bowie City Council members met Tuesday night to discuss an updated water conservation and drought contingency plan as well as possible water and sewer rate increase.

Bowie is currently has stage 2 drought restrictions in place, but depending on the weather, like wind and heat, the city will probably be in a stage 3 drought by July.

"We'll be a little bit more proactive to this type of weather.  It's been over 5 years since there has been an update on this plan.  By doing this we added another stage.  Now we'll have five stages instead of four stages," said Bowie City Manager, Ricky Tow.

Adding another drought stage to Bowie's drought contingency plan will raise the water activation point up 1 foot.  If Bowie city council members believe the city will be in a stage 3 drought by July, it will mean new restrictions to Bowie residents.

"Currently odd and even house numbers would be able to water every other day, which was 2 times a week. For stage 3, that will move to only once a week.  It's kicked in another level of conservation trigger points for us to achieve as well as slowing down the use of water," said Tow.

New stage 3 drought restrictions also mean a possible water and sewer rate increase, which has been proposed to city council members by a subcommittee.

"What they were looking at is roughly a 2.5-percent increase across the board on every rate that we currently charge.  They were looking at water per thousands and the sewage per thousands as well.  It's a $0.45 increase," said Tow.

Bowie residents have adjusted well to their current drought restrictions and conserving water.

"We have started reducing quite a bit ahead of our achievement levels, which is what we thought we'd have to be push.  Bowie residents have been really proactive in conserving water," said Tow.

Taylor Barnes, Newschannel 6

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